Application Test Centers
Working for and with our customers
Honeywell believes that the best control solutions are developed by those who know the application and are also the result of close cooperation between Honeywell and our customers. To facilitate the generation of the best solutions Honeywell has created and continues to develop product development and test facilities known as the Application Test Centers (ATC).
The HVAC Application Test Center
Located in Schönaich, Germany, just 30 minutes south of Stuttgart international airport, the Application Test Center provides an infrastructure to run reallife HVAC applications.

Application Test Center features
This purpose built test laboratory (140 m²) is equipped with hot and chilled water supply, 230V / 380V power and supply and return air ducts allowing development of control solutions using customer machines and equipment in a real application environment. Remote communication with the controls in the ATC is possible using a bus operating under the open Lonworks protocol as well as via the proprietary Honeywell C bus. The equipment in the ATC includes fancoil units, VAV systems, large air handling units and a roof top unit, all of which provide test facilities on which to develop and enhance our control products and systems. In addition to the well equipped laboratory area the facility includes a conference room which can be used in conjunction with the laboratory for both theoretical and practical product and system training.
Working in the Application Test Center
The ATC has been created in order to provide an infrastructure where customers and Honeywell product developers can work in close cooperation. Honeywell looks forward to welcoming you and your project soon to our Application Test Center.
The Room Controls Application Test Center
The ATC in Newhouse/Scotland allows a manufacturer to have a new appliance tested in a controlled environment with any product from the Honeywell comfort controls range. Two test rooms represent full size spaces in a typical European home or commercial building. The room have two external walls, a window and the option of either radiator or underfloor heating.
The dividing wall between the two rooms can be removed to create one large space. There is also the possibility of fitting fan-coil units at floor or ceiling level to evaluate simple air conditioning applications. The rooms are fully instrumented to allow complete monitoring of all the system parameters.

A flexible approach ...
The outside walls of each of the test rooms have an environmental chamber which is used to simulate the prevailing weather. The temperature in each of these chambers can be controlled from an arctic -20°C to a tropical +40°C. Each of the chambers can be programmed with any weather profile. It can be winter in Oslo then autumn in Frankfurt and the complete system only needs to be installed once. Development engineers can work with the resident Honeywell application engineers to try a wide range of room and outside compensated control systems to determine the optimum control configuration for the customer's applications.

Facility Factfile:  
Room dimensions 2 @ 5 x 5.5 metres
1 @ 5 x 11 metres
Temperature sensors 60
Humidity sensors 4
Water flow rates 4
ON/OFF inputs 80
ON/OFF outputs 6
Analogue inputs 12
Measurement accuracy < 0.1°C
Measurement frequency > 1/sec