Electronics for Sanitary Hot Water Units
We offer a broad range of electronics, in many cases applicable as a complete system in combination with Honeywell Gas Control. Electronics can have standard housing, customer special housing or no housing (bare board). Contact us for more information.
Logic Controls
Honeywell logic controls provide functionality to your boiler options: DHW temperature control, CH temperature control, pump control, fan speed control, outside temprature sensor control, water temperature rise control.
Ignition Controls
CVI - S4565/S4575/S4585

The Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system has been developed for application in gas fired domestic central heating boilers, combi boilers and warm air furnaces or water heater appliances with an automatic ignition system. The Combined Valve and Ignition (CVI) system controls and performs all the functions required for safe ignition, flame supervision and for safely regulating the gas flow to the pilot and/or main burner. The CVI consists of a specially designed gas valve family of the VK41.. series and a dedicated ignition controls family of the series S4565, S4575 and S4585 which is connected directly on to it. The S4565/S4575 ignition controls are not intended for direct exposure to flame envelope. S4565, S4575 and S4585 ignition controls give excellent performance and a high reliability standard. There are versions available for different ignition systems like Direct Burner Ignition (S4565), Hot Surface Ignition (S4575) and Intermittent Pilot ignition (S4565/S4585).

CVI is EN 298 approved.
List of approvals

Read more about the features and technical specifications in the product handbook, available in PDF, (1.048 kb)

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