Remote Boiler Controls & Diagnostics
In an age where information and communication technology is a key element, we provide a new range of products that meet the wishes of the consumer: Remote Boiler Controls & Diagnostics. Read more about the Advance and BurnerW@tch system. Contact us for more information.
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The Advance system is providing remote control, zoning control, sequence control and remote access to modulating (combi-)boilers. All parts of the system communicate with each other, providing improved control and modulation to the boiler.

The system has 3 levels of wall hung roomunits. Starting with a simple thermostat that is mainly intended for zoning systems, there is a simple remote boiler user interface and an advanced remote boiler user interface. A module providing wireless connection can be field installed on all roomunits. The zoning control has 6 switched live outputs for pumps, valves and mixing valves, providing control of DHW storage cylinders, unmixed and mixed zones and underfloor systems. Up to 4 zoning controls can be connected to the system. The sequencer provides control for up to 4 boilers. A maximum of 4 sequencers can be connected to the system. An internet interface provides a connection to the outside world, using the most widely available communication infrastructure: a normal telephone line. The Advance system is using OpenTherm communication for the point to point connections and a simple bus (LESST) for interconnection of zoning and sequencing controls.

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In the current market, there is a growing demand for increased quality levels of service and reduced costs. Although these objectives seem to be contradictory, modern technology and automation will facilitate a next level of service: Burnerw@tch®

The system components are:
  • A boiler enabled for remote diagnostics or a dedicated retrofit diagnostics kit.
  • An 868 MHz radio transceiver that is linked to the boiler and the room thermostat.
  • A gateway, connected to a normal telephone line, that communicates to the radio frequency (RF) transceiver of the boiler. The gateway connects to a computer server through the internet.
  • Server software that collects, processes and presents the data for the user(s).

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Initiated by the boiler, the gateway connects to the server and communicates diagnostic and status information of the boiler. Dependent on the server software, relevant actions are triggered by the server. The server or an operator can initiate a connection to the boiler by generating a 'trigger' phone call that activates the gateway to dial out and connect to the internet. When connected, the server or an operator is able to communicate with the boiler.