Improved Gas Combustion Control Technology

Honeywell develops the efficient and reliable iXSCOT system

Honeywell, a leader in home comfort and security for 125 years, has developed the electronic gas combustion control iXSCOT. Based on the renowned system SCOT by Kromschroeder, the new control builds upon its precursor with higher flexibility, maximized efficiency, and an even safer and more reliable fuel control.

The SCOT Kromschroeder gas combustion control technology has been on the market for over ten years and installed in over 2 million boilers since its launch. Many aspects of this complex control system have been improved by Honeywell and Kromschroeder engineers during the development of the new gas combustion control system iXSCOT. Together, Honeywell's fan integration know-how and electronic controls expertise, and Kromschroeder's longstanding experience with combustion control systems and valve technology contributed to the new iXSCOT combustion control.

With safety as the number one priority in combustion control, the iXSCOT ensures consistent burning performance and efficiency by tracking various variables within a feedback control circuit, which can detect changes in gas quality. The system automatically adjusts the ignition quality in accordance. The system also intelligently regulates the fuel/air ratio for best combustion quality while minimizing pollutant emissions and achieving high modulation performance.

The boiler manufacturer and installer can monitor the boiler at any time with the Remote Boiler Monitoring Diagnostic system (RBMD) via an internet connection. It's also possible to use the service and maintenance iXtool, which connects the appliance to a smartphone. The capability of around the clock surveillance allows for the immediate detection of combustion failure and quick intervention.

The modular design principle of iXSCOT offers manufacturers great flexibility during the appliance development and manufacturing process. By request the iXSCOT can be delivered as a complete integrated building block for example, including a gas valve, mixing unit, electronic boiler control, and fan - each component customizable for the customer's needs. The highly adaptable control system ensures the boiler manufacturer compatibility with many different types of heat exchangers and burners.